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​What is CLWB? 

Children and young adults are disengaging from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects, yet STEM skills are core requirements for the fastest growing occupations. 

CLWB helps schools, colleges and universities exploit technology to boost learning, enable students to acquire STEM and entrepreneurial skills, and improve organisational operational effectiveness. At the core of CLWB is a learning system and international community designed to enable children and young adults to acquire the skills and knowledge that are in the most demand, and become technically creative, through fun, practical and inventive projects. We offer learning kits that cover Science, Technology and Maths; teacher training; curriculum and assessment content and development. CLWB can engage at strategic or tactical levels and scale to fit the exact requirements of client organisations.  

Download our vision paper and manifesto "Amplifying Innovation, Creativity and Intelligence with Technology" here: CLWB Vision Paper.pdf


CLWB has the following elements: 

  • A sequential and structured curriculum - from technology basics to entrepreneurialism
  • Practical projects 
  • Collaborative workspaces for children and teachers across different countries 

In CLWB we like to make things move with technology. Its about applying technology to real-life solutions, working in teams, and Digital Making. For example, children at Escola Bakhita in Brazil are introduced to the Science of Flight with a drone.

In other examples children acquire Physics knowledge through practical electronics and Maths skills through writing games.  

​If you, like us, believe that young people learn best when having fun, solving tough but achievable problems in teams, then join CLWB today.

Membership benefits

  • Curriculum – Electronics; Computing; Robotics; Flight; Manufacturing; Construction; BioTech; E-Fashion; Sport; Security and Entertainment

  • Expert teachers - face-to-face and/or virtual 

  • Content – detailed step-by-step guides for each of the CLWB curriculum modules 

  • International contacts - communicate with teachers and children in different parts of the world 

  • Learning Kits - all the equipment and tools needed for practical projects

  • Analytics - Assessment, Progress Tracking, Reporting 

Membership Enquiries 

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CLWB News​​​


We were delighted to present at the first BETT Asia Leadership Summit. We demonstrated some simple principles for using Programming, Electric Ink, and Control Technology to boost STEM learning. Download the presentation (55MB, make sure your security settings allow downloads) from here:BETT Asia Workshop PowerPoint Show.ppsx​​


In October we were delighted to announce our partnership with {Codex} in Espirito Santo, Brazil. The Codex project is about building and operating “micro-schools” using the CLWB curriculum and content. CLWB provided a range of services, including design, training and the learning platform. The model is similar to English schools, but with the learning focus on ‘Invention-Based Learning’. We jointly launched the program on October 17th in Vitoria, with Programming, Computer Science, and Robotics demos from children and the Codex tutors. At the end of November Codex ran its first Electronic classes. Check out the Codex website here - 

Codex launch.png